How to get there...

Berryman Trail
    Drive Option 1 (via Steeleville) - 1 hr 45 min to 2 hrs drive time:
    Take I-44 southwest approx. 77 miles (from 44/Jamieson) from St. Louis to Cuba.
    Exit at Cuba, and take Highway 19 south 8 miles to Steelville. Follow the signs for
    Highway 8 once you're in Steelville, and take Hwy 8 20 miles east to Berryman
    Campground. Look for the Forest Service sign on the left about 2 miles east of the
    tiny town of Berryman - it's very easy to miss. Berryman Campground is about a
    mile north of Hwy 8, on the left. You will pass one fork to the right - stay left.

    Drive Option 2 (via Bourbon) - better for dropping aid; same drive time as above:
    Take I-44 south west approx. 66 miles (from 44/Jamieson) from St. Louis to
    Bourbon, MO. Drive through town, and follow the signs for Highway N south
    (or follow the signs for Blue Springs Campground and Riverview Ranch). Hwy N will
    head southeast out of Bourbon. Just past Anthonies Mill (about 12.8 miles on N),
    turn right on Highway W. Follow Hwy W 8.6 miles total, passing Brazil Creek
    Campground. Continue past Brazil Creek to a fork in the road. Turn left onto a
    gravel road, and continue to where the road forks. Take the right fork and continue
    to the Berryman Campground (it will be on the right). Total distance on the gravel
    Forest Service road is 4.9 mils from W to Berryman Camp.

    For a map of the trail, click here.

    There are pit toilets at Berryman Campground, but no water. One full loop is 24.6
    miles. Aid can be dropped at approx. miles 8, 15, and 18.5 (see map).

    Take Big Bend west to Ries Rd. Go south (left) on Ries to the dead end. Go
    left into Castlewood Park. Continue on over the bridge, and park in the first
    lot on the left (by the restrooms & picnic pavilion).

Chubb Trail
    Lone Elk Trailhead:
    Take I-44 west to the 141 N exit. Stay in the far right lane - immediately
    after getting on 141, take the first right and continue down and around.
    Go left at the T-stop. Continue along the access road parallel to 44W
    until you enter Lone Elk Park. Go right (up the hill) until you get to the main
    gate to the park. Don't enter - park along the side of the road.
    The trailhead starts through the gate on the right and up the dirt road.
    Follow the signs.

    West Tyson Trailhead:
    take I-44 west to the Lewis Rd exit (a few miles past 141). Continue right
    (not a hard right) about .25 miles to the marked West Tyson park entrance.
    Turn right into the park and follow the asphalt road straight ahead to the
    picnic shelter. Park along the loop or road.

    Distances: Trailhead to trailhead has been wheeled at 6.7 miles. From Lone
    Elk to the second RR crossing and back is 7.4 miles round-trip. From the West
    Tyson trailhead to the first RR crossing and back is 6 miles round-trip.

Creve Coeur Park
    Park at the southeast end of the park by the waterfall. Take 270 to Dorsett;
    go west on Dorsett to where it dead-ends at Marine. (Don't turn before then.)
    Go right on Marine, down the hill into the park. When you get to the bottom of
    the hill and see the lake, take a left into the first parking area. Keep going left,
    all the way to the far end of the parking lot by the Taco Bell Pavilion and
    waterfall. The trail starts by the woods.

    There's a porta-potty by the parking area, and a real restroom about a mile
    down the path. We figure the exiting loop to be about 6 miles.

Grant Trail
    Starting from the parking lot by I-55 & Hoffmeister:
    From 55 South, exit at Union; continue left over 55. After the bridge, make a hard
    (probably illegal) left onto Hoffmeister. Continue past the Grant Trail Lodge until you
    see a large parking area on right. Trailhead is by the trees/sign.

    From 55 North, exit at Reavis Barracks. Go right, then left on Union. Continue on
    Union until just before the bridge over 55; turn right on Hoffmeister and follow
    directions above to park.
    Full out and back: approx. 13 miles. No water on trail; carry your own.

    OR Starting from Whitecliff Park:
    Take Gravois to Grant Road, as if you're going to Grant's Farm. Continue
    past the Grant's Farm entrance. At the next stop sign (Pardee), go straight.
    (You'll now be on Pardee.) The entrance to Whitecliff Park will be on the
    left. Turn in, and take the first right - park by the pavilion. If it's reserved,
    don't turn in - continue over the bridge, up the hill, and park by the community

Greensfelder Park
    Take 44 W to Allenton/Six Flags exit. Go right at exit-ramp light. Continue north
    on Allenton Rd. past Six Flags, approx. 1.5 miles. Parking lot will be on the right, by
    the St. Louis County parks sign - park in one of the few spots to the left by the
    outhouses and gate.
    Distance: out/back gate to gate on the Scenic Loop drive is 3.6 very hilly miles     

Jefferson Barracks
    Take I-255 to the Telegraph exit; go north. Continue for about a mile, then turn
    right at the traffic signal at Jefferson Barracks Rd. (Look for the Walgreens.)
    Continue into Jefferson Barracks. JB Rd. turns into Sherman Ave. After ~1/2 mi.,
    turn left on Worth, and right on Hancock. Park in the lot on the left, across
    from the big plane.
    Distance: Short loop is ~1.09 miles; outer loop is 2.4 miles.

Katy Trail
    Take 64/40 West to 94 South (Weldon Springs exit). Continue south on 94
    about 9 miles, to Defiance. The Katy Trail parking lot is just past town on
    the left - it's very obvious.
    No facilities - bring plenty of water & snacks.

    Take 64/40 West to 94 South (Weldon Springs exit). Continue south on 94
    for about 5 miles. The Weldon Springs Katy Trail parking lot and access
    is on the left - look for the sign. If you get to Lost Valley, you've gone
    about a mile too far.
    Facilities: restroom, but no water.

Lewis & Clark Trails
    Take 64/40 West past Chesterfield. Continue past Boones Crossing and across
    the river to 94 South. Take 94 south approximately 2 miles - it's not far past
    the school. The parking lot will be on the LEFT just past a sharp curve.
    Distance: The longer loop is approximately 8 miles. The shorter loop is the
    same trail, with a shortcut connector a few miles in, and is about 5 mile.
    Trail is somewhat difficult single-track. No facilities.

Lost Valley
    Take 64/40 West past Chesterfield. Continue past Boones Crossing and across
    the river to 94 South. Take 94 South 6 miles. Watch for a parking lot on your
    right - this is the Lost Valley start. If you cross a bridge, you went a bit too far.
    Distance: one loop of Lost Valley is 8 miles; every mile is marked (signs posted to
    to be visible if you run the loop clockwise.

Queeny Park
    Upper Weidman Parking Lot:
    Exit onto Manchester westbound from 270 north or south. Continue west on
    Manchester to light at Weidman Rd. Go right on Weidman. Continue to Queeny
    Park, and take a right into the park. Turn left at the first opportunity and drive
    up to the parking area. Park near the top of the lot by the woods.
    Distance: One "outer" loop of the park is 4.2 miles.