Jill's 40th Birthday Shawl

Finished! This is the Crystal Palace Tri-Garter Shawl with Splash Collar, colorway 'Newsprint.' It's done direct from the pattern with no changes or substitutions. I cut the fringe shorter than noted in the pattern. (I think I used a DVD box, and wrapped it around the short side.) The basis of the piece is chenille throughout, always doubled with a second yarn, on size 15 circulars. The finished shawl is a generous size, and is heavy and warm. (Click photos to enlarge.)

Waiting for a good book


Suzanne's Dubai Shawl

FO - Suzanne's shawl started as a "Pound Cake" kit from Knit One Crochet Too (K1C2) in colorway "Toasted Coconut". Like the Tri-Garter Shawl, this kit was purchased at Chris' Needlecraft in St. Louis. Once I started it, however, I decided that I wanted it to ultimately be wider than the sum total of the yarns in the kit, so I purchased three additional skeins - Lion Brand 'Glitterspun,' Bernat 'Cottontots,' and Caron 'Jewelbox.' I also really liked the K1C2 ribbon yarn 'Tartelette' included in the kit, but at 75 yds/skein, that one would run out first. I located another skein online at Angelika's Yarns. It's knit in lengthwise stripes on size 10.5 circulars - after casting on 220 st. I really, really like how it turned out. (Comments on October Blog.)


Mom's Collinette Shawl

This one's next on deck! :-)


Amy's "All Cotton! I hate Wool!" Shawl

It's done! Finally. This used the Crystal Palace "Triangle Garter Shawl" patterns like Jill's shawl, but with a custom color mix:

Cotton Chenille 1015 (Ecru), 5960 (Lilac) and 9960 (Purple)
Deco Ribbon 303 (purple) and 311 (natural)
Mikado Ribbon 1795 (Shell) and 1799 (Lilac)
Choo-Choo 1777 (Grape)
Fizz Print 7116 (Sherbet)
Shimmer 2849 (Ecru)
Splash 7192 (Italian Ice)
(I didn't use any Squiggle in this one - didn't find the right color to go with.)

For more pictures, see the February 2005 blog...


Dad's Scarf

Not to be forgotten... Dad gets a custom-made scarf. I knit it in Maine ... I wonder if it'll retain a nice cedar scent from MDI... ? It's Crystal Palace 'Musique' in Forest, and 'Merino Frappe' in a leafy-green color.


Scarves, Scarves, and more Scarves

They're quick, they're easy, and they're rectangular. I've made a LOT of scarves so far. I've given several away as gifts, and have a whole slew of them to take into work to sell to people. I would have had more, but I started wearing many of them... and now they're integrated into my wardrobe! (Photos to come.)

Yarns used so far:

Many, MANY more to be added once I find my notes!