26 October 2005

Mug Shots

I'm knitting, I swear... recently off the needles, two hats... one for Paul, and one for me.

That's a one-skein Noro Kureyon hat, from a set of six patterns I picked up from who-knows-where. This one is the Basket Weave Hat in color #55.

And this one... this is one skein (34 yds) of Ozark Handspun in a taupe wool, with fushia and goldenrod mohair spun in, along with Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk in two complimentary colors. Pattern... my own. I used the Alpaca Silk doubled on #11s, to start a brim, then used the handspun until I ran out. I "topped" it off with more of the doubled Alpaca Silk.

13 October 2005

I should be 35,000 feet in the air at the moment

However, the weather has other ideas.

Today I fly from St. Louis to Bangor, Maine, for my annual pilgrimage to Mount Desert Island. I got a call early this morning that one of the flights had been cancelled, and I had to re-route. Several phone calls and itineraries later, I'm still going to fly... and hopefully arrive in ME tonight. But in the meantime...

New FO: Cathy's Seamen's Scarf from Mountain Colors, done up in Fleece Artist "Lady Godiva" (50% wool, 50% silk) in a purple mix. (No color info on the label.) I'm very pleased with the result. I blocked it using 16-gauge ceiling-tile wire sections. I found the kit at Home Depot, and the wire sections worked perfectly to block the edges. Should've photo-documented that, but... next time. Color in the full-length photo is more accurate; click all photos to enlarge.

And, the obligatory dog shot for the week... Kaje and Zev BOTH wanted to sleep in this chair.