30 October 2004

FO - Suzanne's "Pound Cake Plus" Shawl

I was home with a migraine headache yesterday... the drugs knocked it back, but not enough to do anything strenuous or that required a lot of thought. So, I finished Suzanne's Shawl. (What can be more non-strenuous than 220-stitch rows of garter st?) I had gotten a K1C2 Pound Cake kit in "Toasted Coconut" at my LYS, then added a few yarns so I could make it wider. (See comments under Suzanne's Shawl on the main knitting page.) I ended up buying a second skein of Tartelette, and then another of Moulin Rouge, the eyelash. I have plenty of both left for some other project, but it was worth having enough extra to do what I wanted. I think it turned out fabulous. The colors are amazing; photos are on the main knitting page...

Started Amy's custom Tri-Garter Shawl last night. I'm only about two dozen rows into it (out of 140), but already it looks nice.


27 October 2004

Amazing Contraption

What more can I say - this ball winder is great. I want a swift for Christmas. Kaje the Alien Dog is fascinated when I use it.


21 October 2004

FO - Dad's Scarf

Dad's scarf (first purl project) is done! Took CP Musique in 'Forest' and Merino Frappe in 'Sage' (020) with me to Maine. It was an easy project, but turned out way cool. CO 15 st on #11 short needles. Knit 4 rows. Next row: *k2, p2* (rep) ending with p1. Turn, *k2, p2* (rep), ending with p1. Keep going until you are starting to run out of yarn. End with k for 4 rows; bind off. I'm thinking I might block it...

While in Maine, I picked up four hanks of 'Silky Wool' in a dark purple. I think it's color 08, which they call 'Lava.' (???) At 185m/hank, I'm thinking I have enough to fashion some sort of poncho. Might have to fringe it with a complimentary color/yarn as I doubt I'll find any more hanks in this dye lot, but that might be interesting. New ideas on the horizon... still need to get some Noro Kureyon for a Booja Bag, and I also want to knit Jen's Poncho from The Knit Stitch. Still deciding on yarn, though. I'd need 5 hanks of Noro Iro (wool/silk), or 4 hanks of Noro Big Kureyon, or 5 skeins of Burly Spun, or...

13 October 2004


Okay, so I taught myself to purl. I got the mobius pattern yesterday, and it required learning a few new things - including a few purl stitches. I got out my books "The Knit Stitch" and "The Purl Stitch" (by Sally Melville), and went through the steps. It's not so bad. Now I think I'll take the pattern and yarn with me to Maine, along with Dad's scarf fixin's, and see what happens...


12 October 2004

More Pound Cake

I think I'm addicted to pound cake. Or, the results of pound cake. My new aquisition is the 'Spiced Plum' colorway, and I've already purchased extra 'Tartelette' (ribbon) and 'Moulin Rouge' (eyelash). And, I'm adding in Berroco 'Softwist Bulky' in a dark green (#7445), and On-Line Linie 96 'Cascade' in a rich bronze (#09). Plus, of course, I'll have extra 'Glitterspun' that I'm sure I can work right in...

I'm leaving for Maine for the Mount Desert Island Marathon in a couple of days, and of course will bring some knitting. Good thing they allow knitting needles on planes again. From what I heard, they were banned because the FAA was afraid someone would knit an Afghan while flying... (ha, ha). Time to do Dad's scarf (Crystal Palace 'Musique' in Forest with some green 'Merino Frappe' added in for fun). The short scarf needles are perfect for working in narrow airplane seats.

9 October 2004

The web page is up!

It was time spent that I could have been working on Suzanne's shawl or finishing cilla's scarf, but instead I worked on the web. It's an absolutely dreary day in St. Louis and I'm supposed to be "tapering" for the Mount Desert Island marathon a week from tomorrow, so the justification level is high for just sitting on a chair or couch most of this weekend.

I ended up buying the K1C2 "Mobius" pattern. I'm allergic to wool, though (so many beautiful yarns I'll never get to wear...). The pattern calls for K1C2's 'Douceur et Soie' mohair/silk mix, but I ended up buying Jagger Spun Zephyr Wool-Silk 2/18 (color 59). If it's anything like the Lorna's Laces 'Lion and Lamb' in a laceweight yarn, it should be gorgeous.