14 November 2005

Up To My Wrists in Wooly Warmness

FO: the "Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers" from Stitch N' Bitch Nation. Done in Noro 'Silk Garden', colorway 71 (charcoal, dark green, purples/bronze). Modifications: my gauge swatch on #7 dpns was tighter (18 st/4") than the pattern's 16 st/4", so I cast on 36 st. instead of 32 and adjusted the rib pattern accordingly. Do check the errata for the book's patterns first. I had over a third of each skein (or more) remaining. Using a different yarn in the same gauge, you could probably do both warmers with about 150 yds. Started Thurs. 11/10; finished 11/14.

8 November 2005

Useful for *so* many occasions

T-shirt purchased at Cool as a Moose in Bar Harbor, ME:

I really, really couldn't resist.

5 November 2005

Happy (something something)st birthday, Jill!

When my sister Jill and I were in Washington DC in August, visiting Foreign Service sister Suzanne, I made her stop by a yarn store in Georgetown called Stitches DC. While browsing yarn, she mentioned she liked some Fiesta Yarn 'La Boheme' in a neutral colorway. Shocked that it wasn't black, I bought it when she wasn't looking.

I started this in the same pattern as the one I did for myself in 'Alaska', but in a much smaller gauge. When I was almost out of yarn, I joined it as a mobius. Very versatile in fickle Chicago weather. Also looks good in a self-portrait in the bathroom mirror.