17 May 2006

In the pink

The pink anklet, before it begins it's journey to Florida to find a mate:

And to keep the nice TSA folks happy, some on-the-plane knitting... endless yarnovers and k2tog on plastic Bryspun circs:

They can't complain about that if they allow, oh, say, laptop power cords... right?

13 May 2006


Forgive me <diety representative of choice>; I have sinned. It has been over a month since my last blog entry.

It's not that I haven't been knitting... I've been working on secret and time-sensitive projects, and just haven't been motivated to sit down and maintain the ol' e-journal.

But - now I'm sitting. Here's what's been going on since early April. As always, click-the-pic to enlarge:

Still haven't been rejected by knitty.com. (Heh. No more details than that, for now!)

Finished Grandma's shawl:
I'd planned to do a nice outdoor shot before I had to mail it, but it RAINED. Endlessly. Ark-inspiring rain. But this is 850+ yds of super-soft Malabrigo.

I went and saw the Yarn Harlot herself:
... which inspired me to finally start My First Sock:
That's the Swirling Anklets pattern from Elann.com, using Peruvian Collection Baby Cashmere in #1837 Prism Pink on #1 dpns. So far I'm hopeful they'll fit my big feet.

In non-knitting news, this sign at work cracked me up completely:

And last, for today at least, Paul and I went to see the Chihuly 'glass in the garden' exhibit at the Missouri Botanical Gardens last weekend. If it show up near you, I highly recommend it. Some typical exhibits: