31 May 2005

All the comforts of home

So this past Memorial Day weekend, I camped. I actually bought a tent. But I refused to give up comfort... I bought a manual-inflating twin-sized air mattress, which fortunately fit perfectly inside my "2-man tent". (Now there's an example of poor labeling, more egregious than a "serving" on a cereal box - there's NO WAY two people would fit in a "2-man tent". Sheesh.)

I camped the night before the Berryman Trail Marathon in the Mark Twain National Forest. That's about 99 miles from my house in St. Louis, and somewhere between Potosi and Steeleville on a map. The race starts at 7am, and I finally decided it's better to camp than get up at 3:30am to drive to the start. Given my "fluffy mattress", several layers of blankets (including down), and my own pillow, I was quite comfortable. It did rain, but I just took my two balls of Karabella Gossamer and some #17 needles, and started myself a very nice shawl.

Unfortunately, all the pictures I've taken of it so far, suck. :-) You'll have to wait for me to demo the finished product.

22 May 2005

Much effort, few results

The whole month has just about gone by, and this is my first blog entry for May. Rather sad. Or, lazy.

It's not that I haven't been working on projects... I have. I finished the entire back of the Bistro Shirt that I'm doing in Artful Yarns 'Candy'. Not much to look at - it's a large St st rectangle that flares slightly at the top for the cap sleeves.

As I said - rather boring to look at. The front is in progress... I've done the ribbed hem, and am thick into St st working my way up. One thing that I did to that was pretty cool was to find a lacy baby bonnet pattern on the web. A former co-worker is having a baby - and adopting another - this summer. Since she's been waiting so long for this, I thought the least I could do was learn to make bonnets. I got some nice variagated sport-weight merino and followed the pattern for the 'infant' size. Same needles, same yarn weight ... and it turned out TINY. Well, at least I learned the stitches. Got some nice cotton/acrylic blend (Queensland 'Maldive' at my LYS) and went up a needle size, and tried again. Better results:

When I got the merino sport-weight, I also got some worsted in another color (from Morehouse Merino). I decided that while it's gorgeous, it might be itchy for a baby... so I'm doing the girl-bonnet in Berroco's 'Cliche' in a nice pink. That's not it in the picture below, and not just because it's discontinued (got it on sale at my LYS). Instead, with the merino is a nice skein of angora/cotton handspun I got from nevada-jade on eBay. It's SO soft and has a metallic thread in it. I may have them spin some more - another 50g and I can make heavenly mittens.

And, last... while at my LYS last weekend getting yet another needle size I didn't have, I stumbled upon some skeins of chunky handspun wool/mohair from Ozark Handspun. I loved it, so I bought one. Now... I'm allergic to wool and I don't wear hats, so what did I do? Sat down and knit myself a hat. Took about an hour on #17s. There's something to be said for being easily amused.