21 March 2006

Happy Birthday!

To my girls who have traveled with me from their birth city of Tempe, AZ - to Tucson - to southern California - and now in St. Louis, MO:

Happy 19th birthday, Ilsa and Aja!

5 March 2006

Gold Medalist

We're all gold medalists in life, really, but as far as the Knitting Olympics go...


In the meantime, I've been having fun with another Fleece Artist project, a felted bag. This is a bad photo (still learning the new camera), but it's a pretty combination of pink, orange and yellow colorway called 'Melon.' It's a quick-knit on #9s. It's actually almost done, so I'll post a 'felted' photo soon.

Last but not least... it's nearly spring, and the crosuses (croci?) have sprung.