March 2005


Wow, did this month pass by quickly. I almost got to April without a single blog entry... so I decided to just sum it all up in one post.

Felled by the Flu

So there I was, congratulating myself on getting almost through the winter without getting sick. At the beginning of the month, I started to feel a bit 'off', but was well enough to go to work and even meet up with a friend for a 6-mile walk in the park on a Sunday morning. Twenty-four hours later, I was toast. Full-blown flu. I didn't get a shot this year because of the shortage, and I paid for it. Three days on the couch, too sick to knit. Yes - too sick to knit. Hard to believe.

At least I got a few treasures in the mail... enough Artful Yarns Ballet to match some other skeins I had, so that I can make a sweater. And, I found Artful Yarns 'Fable' (cotton/silk blend) at a good price - enough to do a summer top. The colors are hard to capture - the Ballet is a soft lavendar with silver, and the Fable is a celedon/avocado/lavendar/plum twist.

Clapotis goes to Florida

Thankfully, I recovered from the flu in time to go to Fort Myers, Florida, to spend a long weekend with my dad. We had a great time just relaxing. We did get to the beach, and took the boat out for a spin, but there was plenty of time to sit by the pool during the day, and knit in the evenings.

I got a lot done on Clapotis - I'm on the decrease rows now, and hope to finish up soon. Look for an early April FO post! Click on the photos to enlarge.

Well, it was on sale...

I was so proud of myself for showing yarn-restraint recently. So what do I get in the mail? I flyer from my LYS for their spring clearance sale. So much for will-power.

I snagged their last four balls of Skacel's 'Alpaca Seta' (alpaca/silk blend). I LOVE this yarn... that's what I made Clapotis out of, though in ivory. You can adjust the Clapotis pattern to do fewer set-up rows so it's narrower... more like a scarf than a wrap. The full version took five balls; I think I can do a smaller version with the four in light gray. I also got a lonely skein of Noro 'Cash Iroha' in a nice blue... I plan to make a belt out of it.

A total score was two skeins of Noro 'Daria' (colors 1 and 8). This is a very unique cord-like yarn. I've already made a belt out of the red/pink blend - photos to come; the ones I took were pretty bad and I didn't want to post them. The blue blend will be an iPod Shuffle sweater with belt hook... I'll make up the pattern on the fly.

I also got one ball of Artful Yarn's new 'Candy' yarn (cotton/acrylic/nylon). I wanted to swatch it to see if it would work with one of the patterns I had. It ended up swatching beautifully... I left the LYS a message that I'd be in to pick up more in the morning. I then decided that it would work really well for a second pattern... so I called back and left a message that I wanted some in another color, too. I walked in after a Saturday 10-mile run (I changed into dry clothes, of course) and probably scared the nice yarn ladies. But, I had to have my Candy and it was the first weekend day of their big sale. (Excuses, excuses.)

Psycho Doggies, Q'est-ce que c'est?

No blog entry would be complete without the obligatory dog photos. First pic is of Zev and Kaje "lazy-fighting"... both on their backs. :-) Second is of the two girls sleeping together. Grover wisely steers clear of them... most of the time. But when there's living-room-wresting going on, he's right in the thick of things. (Nice Kujo-faces, eh?) I swear I have no idea what the spots are on the photo of the three dogs... I took several in a row on the digital, and those aren't on the shot before or after this one... maybe it's karmic dog play-energy in the room?