19 June 2005


So, here it is - just a few repeats away from being finished. It's actually blocking now, but earlier today, the lace hankie looked like this:

It really will be nice and flat, eventually. :-) Meanwhile, Kaje is showing a healthy amount of disrespect for the new couch. She and Grover have discovered that they can 'nest' in the back cushions and look out the window. The photo has been distorted in Photoshop to somewhat protect the guilty...

16 June 2005

Someone stop me!

I've got this bad habit of suddenly coming up with a knitting idea, then needing to implement it immediately... either due to desire, or time constraints. Yesterday, I suddenly decided I needed to knit a lace handkerchief for my Grandmother's birthday. That would be June 29. Yesterday was June 15. I had some yarn that would probably work (JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk in a nice cabernet color), but no pattern, no appropriate needles, and not a lot of time. Typical.

So, I did the usual... Googled lace patterns. I found one that I thought would work (free pattern at Heartstrings), and stopped at a LYS (Knitorious - neat place, but their web site is down right now) on the way home for size 3 needles. Last night, I cast on 60 st. for four repeats, and promptly screwed it up. Couldn't quite get the " /3 " decrease right... but it was really late, and I was really tired. Frogged it. Cast on another 60 st., knit a row, and left the start of the pattern until this morning.

I've done two full repeats now, and started a third. The first photo is truer to color; the second shows the stitch definition better:

We'll see how it goes. I want to get it done and blocked so I can mail it on Monday 6/20. :-)

5 June 2005

Small projects, big satisfaction

A gal I used to work with is having a baby. She's also adopting one. Long story, but it involves a lot of waiting and heartbreak to arrive at the impending double-blessing in August. That's when her son should be born, and her husband will pick up their daughter in China. We're having a baby shower this Friday.

I decided to learn to do baby-things. I found a bonnet pattern, and one for booties, on the internet. I had to tweak both patterns to come up with both a newborn-size and something that'll fit the China baby, since she may be 9 mo. to a year old. I think I did it. Behold the bonnet-bootie sets:

The blue is Queensland 'Maldive', and the other is Berroco 'Cliche'. Both worked up beautifully. The bows are some little scrapbooking fiber I found at a Michael's when I went to get flip-flops. Oh! Another story. Friday, June 10, is "Flip Flop Day" at work. Wear flips, and you can wear jeans. And, there's a competition with PRIZES. Not that I care if I win, but I would like to wear jeans. So, with a pair of white flips, Lion Fun Fur in two colors along with Bernat Boa, some self-sticking green felt and some cool blue glass "fish" beads, I made:

I'm wait too easily entertained. Especially when I'm on a Noro high - found this stuff for a great price on eBay: 10 skeins of a 100% cotton Noro yarn that I've never heard of, and get no hits when searching Google. It's Noro 'Renge', which is soft and gorgeous and waiting to become a project:

So far, a great start to the summer!

1 June 2005

I've waited 20 years...

...for a new couch. The old one was fine, really. Custom-ordered, with a queen sofa-sleeper pull-out. Problem was, it weighed a ton and was a pain to move. It was 'born' in Arizona, and also lived in California before moving to Missouri.

In the last several years, the old couch has really started to show it's age. Worn spots, saggy cushions, torn fabric. It was time for a new couch. And of course, a sale came along at just the right momemt. I was weak. I ordered a new couch.

I found out last Friday that it was "in" - I just needed to call on Tuesday (yesterday) to arrange delivery. Paul suggested that since he'd spent the better part of Saturday working on the pond, that we should get the old couch out of the house on Sunday. We could sit on cushions until the new one arrived. So, saving the chainsaw in case desperate measures were called for, Sunday morning I went to work disassembling the old couch. Fortunately, we were able to remove the fold-out bed frame, which doubled the weight of the couch. We dragged bed frame, bed mattress, couch frame and couch cushions all out to the alley, for large-item pickup. Or... who knows; people troll the alleys all the time and pick up furniture.

Monday morning, Memorial Day, I was on my way to the U-City 10K. I opened the garage door... and there was the old couch:

Some brilliant person(s) decided to torch it. This photo was taken AFTER I spent an hour breaking up burned wood to fit in the trash bin, shoveling up piles of ash, and hosing down burned grass and scorched concrete. Thankfully, it rained Sunday night and the fire didn't spread to any buildings.

Here's the front room sans couch, avec Grover:

And... here's the new couch:

Bigger, uh, than the old one. By a bit. So what do good dogs do around new furniture? Break it in...

Oh, knitting? :-) Working on the Gossamer shawl (too pretty to put down), and the Candy 'Bistro Shirt'. Also, I need to do matching booties for the two baby bonnets, before the shower on June 10. That reminds me... I don't think I've posted a picture of the pink bonnet. Note to self...