31 July 2005

Fancy Feet

Les socklets sont finis! Though I don't really have any toe-sling sandals, I do have some strappy ones - and they work great with these. I don't like the way the toe edges roll, even with the bind-off purl-wise, and I'm not about to block socks each time I wash them... so I'm starting a new pair in purples and blues, and will try two rows of K1,P1 before binding off. In the meantime:

And... ooohhh... what's this? Still a secret - more in August!

22 July 2005

Who needs to eat, anyway?

So the socklet went to class, and became one. Then the socklet multiplied. Here's the socklet and it's partner (well, the ribbing, anyway) learning all about process management:

Don't mind the quality of the image - that was taken with my camera phone. While we're waiting for Mate of Socklet to be finished, here's some stash enhancement. (Subtitled, "Why I'll be eating macaroni and cheese the rest of the month." Not that that's bad... I like macaroni and cheese. I tend to over-indulge, however.)

Clockwise from upper left, that's:

Now in all fairness, the angora was acquired with a gift certificate (along with the new swift), so I'm only liable for the other three yarn indescretions.

20 July 2005

Tools of the Trade

I knew I wanted to wait for my WEBS delivery before trying to wind all that gorgeous green wool lace-weight. Do you have any idea how long it would have taken to wind these skeins into balls by hand? Even with my new swift, it took 15 minutes per skein! That's about 45 min. for 2500 yards of lace. My arm is tired. But wow - this stuff is nice. Check out handpaintedyarn.com - I can definitely vouch for the lace.

Check out the action shot of that swift!

I've also been working on my own pair of Short Toed Socklets. My friend Joan already has hers finished. Since wool makes me itch when it's next to my skin, I got Schachenmayr 'Catania' (color 0143) for the ribbing, and Crazy Cotton (color 86) for the socklet itself. Both are 100% cotton. I'm knitting the medium size on 2.5mm (US 1-1/2) needles. So far, pretty cool. I'm in a class at work for a couple of days, so I figured between that and watching Tour de France, I'll have these done toute suite...

15 July 2005

Missing in Knitting Action

Yikes - almost a month without a blog update. It's not that I haven't been doing anything... I've been doing too much. No time for computers.

Got lots of fun stuff for my birthday - several gift certifs, which I spent on cool stuff and will document in upcoming entries (really), but also this - a Colinette kit for their Perugino Throw (colorway Still Waters):

Which will grow up to look like this:

I also finished the lace handkerchief for my Grandmother. I love working with the Zephyr lace - turns out beautiful. (Click photos to enlarge and see detail.)

Still on the needles - my mom's shawl, which will remain photo-less until it's done to preserve the surprise, and the Artful Yarns "Candy" Bistro shirt. I'm about halfway up the front, and working on it daily, so hopefully it'll be an FO soon. Off the needles - my Karabella Gossamer stole. Gorgeous! Wore it to work yesterday, and should have had Paul get a picture then... but I'll work on a decent photo of that one.

More soon... no, really. :-)