27 January 2006

Day Three

of the dogs' construction project in the backyard, and the work site was shut down. Project management decided the location for the hole was dangerous and would disrupt the nightly Big Puppy Play Time events. Also, the proper permits had not been acquired. The hole was filled in.

On a sad note, the Olympus D-340R that had served me faithfully for lo these many years, is officially ... uh, ... dead. It has suffered a non-recoverable technical error. The blog will be photo-less until a suitable replacement can be found.

26 January 2006

Day Two

of the dogs' construction project in the backyard, and progress continues apace. I'm sure that with the fullness of time, the ingenious design plan of these four-legged landscape engineers will be come apparent.

Until then, and until I get more AA batteries for the camera, we will need to use our imaginations.

25 January 2006

Lest you think I'm slacking...

Both fronts of the baby sweater are done, and I'm about 4/5 finished with the first sleeve. Why is it that the intricate cabled pieces went so much faster than 8 inches of stockinette?

And from the communing-with-nature news desk... first, the perfectly-symmetrical hole my industrious dogs dug in the backyard this morning while I was in the shower, and second, the flock of four turkeys that walked me out to my car after work today. Click to enlarge. No, the turkey picture won't get much better with size... it's from my camera-phone. But, in theory, bigger should be better...

19 January 2006

A million little pieces

Okay, so maybe I'm as guilty of exaggeration as, apparently, some folks in the literary field are. But in my first foray into a true baby garment, it just feels like I'm knitting bunches of little bitty parts.

Witness, for instance, the back of the hooded baby cardi... that probably wouldn't cover my left butt cheek. But the cabling looks nice!

Gratuitous dog photo of Zev in my her favorite chair...

6 January 2006

Happy freakin' New Year, and get back to work.

It happens EVery SINgle YEAR... clients at work think more about the impending holidays than work, so once we all regroup in January, all hell breaks loose. "Just" a four-day work-week, and I'm spent. Sheesh, folks... dates on the calendar are ALWAYS closer than they appear.

On a much more positive note, I finished Paul's Malabrigo mock-cable scarf - two full skeins of colorway 'VAA' that took an impossibly long time to finish for some reason. Probably partly due to the hat-obsession. Once he takes it off long enough, I'll get a photo.

In the meantime, I've designed and started on a shawl for my grandmother... also in Malabrigo (I just cannot get enough of that stuff!). Colorway is Emerald Viv, which like all of their limited-produced colorways, has disappeared off all web sites by the time I buy it in my LYS. If this actually works out, I might post the pattern. The bottom is a klugy (that's a web-geek term) mess of stuff that actually leads in well to the dual fishtail borders running up the edges. I plan to start a cable up the middle soon, and once it gets wide enough, add more cables equidistant to the edges (ad nauseum). Right now I'm pondering a seed-stitch border for the widest edge, but I'm also calculating out how may stitches I'd need to actually do a single recurring repeat of the fishtail instead. (It's a 6+1 pattern repeat, only 6 rows, so it shouldn't be that difficult... right???) Anyway, here's the start of it... as usual, click to enlarge.