29 January 2005

Sneaux and the Mittens from H*ll

More FOs... the Mittens from H*ll. They weren't that bad - it was just the struggle with the Splash (by Crystal Palace) at the cuff. The mitts are made from Noro's Cash Iroha in the 'standard mitten pattern' I've been using (size small). Perfect weather for sending them north, too - it snowed again!

24 January 2005

The happy recipient

Laurie and her scarf!

23 January 2005

Rumble in the Jungle

Done! Laurie's Jungle Scarf is complete. That's Gedifra Barroco and Mission Falls 1824 cotton (black):

Now *that's* a fuzzy scarf!

My LYS had it's big winter sale yesterday - we "Frequent Fiber" members got 20% off everything (instead of the usual 10%), plus lots of nice stuff was on sale. Of course, everything I picked up, wasn't - but most of it jumped back out of my basket, so the final damages weren't horrendous. New additions:

That's 4 hanks of Artful Yarns 'ballet', one Fleece Artist merino sock skein, and 5 Noro Silk Garden #74. I decided on this color to do my first-ever garment (other than the poncho), and really need 15 skeins. It's a discontinued color, so I got 5 of them here - and found the other 10 on a discounter's site. I'm sure the lots won't match, but with the pattern, that won't be an issue.

Currently on needles: the 'Mittens from Hell' (story after they're delivered to the recipient), Paul's scarf, another Artful Yarns project, and Amy's shawl. I need to get a few more FOs here soon! Got a serious jones going for Karabella Gossamer, though - and it found it on sale online; we'll see what kind of restraint I have this week!

17 January 2005

Plenty of ideas...

Here's what I'm going to do with the Noro Silk Garden #71:

Very cool arm-warmers in Stitch n' Bitch Nation. And you can't see it in the pic, but there's a neat ivy pattern going up the mitts - which means I need to learn to do cables to do the vines. No sweat. :-) I placed an order for some things with Halcyon Yarn, including cable holders and the sock needles I can't find in any stores.

The yarn order I placed (actually, the THIRD one) for a co-worker is finally on it's way - turns out funky leopard-print is all the rage these days, and it's sold out everywhere. Go figure. But I finally learned that Gedifra Barroco is very similar to what she wanted... so that'll be it!

More stash...

That's some Sockotta, Mission Falls 1824 Cotton, Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton, Berroco Zap (sale), and Noro Cash Iroha (also on sale). Got plans for all of it, actually... and the Sockotta is what drove me to Halcyon for itty bitty dpns.

12 January 2005

Long time, no blog

Going back to work really bites. No time for much - how did I get anything done before vacation? It's been an entire 10 days since I've blogged. This odd weather that St. Louis is having doesn't help... today it was 70F. I still have snowshoes in my car from last Saturday... we got several inches of snow on Friday night, so I just had to try them out. Now it's almost tanning weather.

In the meantime, I've been acquiring... I got more Noro (this time Silk Garden, color 71) and some Fiesta La Luz silk in Cabernet off eBay:

On the way is more Noro - two skeins of Silk Garden color 88, and two of Kujaki color 18 - should be very interesting. Got a heck of a deal on both - well below retail.

I also got some Noro Silk Garden (color 84) from my LYS, and knitted a pair of mittens for my friend Jenn. Last year, Jenn sent me an ultra-cool pair of hand-knitted socks. I'd admired how she was able to *make socks* when she met Adrienne and I out at Bar Harbor for the MDI marathon in Oct. 2003. So she made me socks. Almost a year later, I'm finally able to send her something in thanks:

2 January 2005


Nothing new, other than a rant about some yarn I bought on eBay that's taking forEVER to arrive. I paid for two auctions the same day - the Noro (for the mittens) and some Fiesta La Luz silk yarn. I got the Noro in a couple of days, and have already knitted mittens out of it. No sign of the La Luz yet, and the seller so far hasn't responded to the email I sent yesterday. She only had positive feedback, so hopefully my yarn isn't lost in the mail. What a bummer - I'd hoped to use it last week. And it's not cheap.

But, in the meantime - Kaje cuteness, posing with my mittens. Couldn't decide which I liked best, so I'm posting both. (Click photos to enlarge, then hit the 'back' button.) She'd just had a bath, and was still a bit shell-shocked. Neither Zev nor Grover would tolerate posing with knitting, but Kaje's a good sport about it.

1 January 2005

Triumphs and failures

Another year, another Rose Bowl, another Rose Bowl loss. <sigh> I have physically sat in the Rose Bowl and watched Michigan win a game, and even watched them win bowl games on TV. However, those wins are few and far between. You'd think I'd not be so disappointed. (Okay, we lost by 2 points when Texas scored a field goal with 2 seconds left. How can that NOT be disappointing?!)

On a positive note, I have conquered my fear of the double-pointed needle, and created mittens:

Beautiful, aren't they?

Those are two skeins of Noro Shinano (color #12). The skeins both started with green, but one transitioned out much faster than the other. I could have made them match, but decided to go ahead and see what happened. I really like the result. I used a "very simple mitten" pattern I got with the yarn in an eBay sale - they were right; they WERE simple. Needles: #5 dpn for the cuff ribbing; #7s for the mittens. I can't wait to do another pair!