25 February 2006

Second Olympic event is done

Since the moebius was finished so quickly, I went to work on my grandmother's shawl. All went well until it got wicked-cold here in St. Louis... and my attention was immediately turned to the pattern for Natalya gauntlets I'd printed from savannahchik's site a while back. My self-preservation instinct kicked in, so I present Olympic FO #2:

Those are the gauntlets with 4.75" wrists (10 rounds of the pattern before beginning the thumb-gusset increases). Yarn: Classic Elite 'Premiere' (Cotton/Tensel), color 5216, on #6 dpns. I used probably 1-1/3 hanks total. Since I had 3 hanks in the stash, I can easily make another pair for gifting.

I'm still working on the shawl, I swear. :-)

13 February 2006

Olympic Knitting challenge met - and complete!

Well THAT went a lot faster than I thought! I was expecting to take 10 days to figure out the moebius cast-on and a few days to knit the thing. But it worked out on my first try, and by the time the opening ceremonies were complete, so were several rounds of the wrap.

Tonight - I present the results of the St. Louis Moebius-Knitting competition: one Fleece Artist Thrummed Moebius wrap:

So... what to do for the next 12 days of competition? I'm challenging myself to finish the shawl I designed for my grandmother out of Malabrigo merino. I've probably knit less that 100 yds out of the 1000 I have available, so... let the games begin again!

11 February 2006

Cute things come in small packages

FO: The Baby Sweater. Pattern: Sirdar #1522 (for Snuggly 4-Ply), in Elann.com's Peruvian Collection "Baby Cashmere" yarn in Cedar 2308 - almost 6 full balls used. Buttons came from Hearthstone Knits. (They're adorable.) Started - late December; finished 9 Feb 06. Color is most true in the first photo, though that one is the blurriest. (Playing with Paul's new birthday-camera!)

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10 February 2006

Let the games begin!

The Olympic Winter Games in Torino have officially begun. That means that the official Knitting Olympics have also started.

      Check out our Frappr!

If you haven't yet heard about this amazing event, click the button for details. So far, over 4000 knitter-athletes from around the world have signed up to test their skills and fortitude. For the next 16 days, all eyes will be focused on Torino - and a pair of Addis or set of dpns.

The baby sweater was completed on time, and once I get a camera, I'll document and provide details. But until then... my Knitting Olympics task is:

It's Cat Bordhi's Thrummed Moebius kit from Colorsong Yarn. My colorway is Springtime Storm, or something similar... the wool is dark blues and grays with a touch of green, with bright chartreuse roving for the thrums. Should be pretty darn interesting!