27 February 2005

Feeling blue

What to do when you come down with a cold in February? Knit warm socks. Blue socks. In this case, the one-skein slipper-sock pattern on the label on Artful Yarn's "Circus" wool boucle. Very quick knit, and yes - you can make these with just one skein, though using #11 aluminum dpns is *loud*. I sounded like a wind chime working on these.

20 February 2005

Major FO Milestone

It's done - the custom-color Crystal Palace "Triangle Garter Shawl" for my sister Amy. Details are on the main page, but the detail photos are all here...

18 February 2005

Following the (sheep) herd

Apparently I'm the only knitter on the planet not making a Clapotis. Well, now I am. I found some incredibly soft yarn at my LYS and had to buy it - with the thought in the back of my mind that it would be awfully nice spending it's life around my neck Clapotis-style. I'm still working on the base rows, but here's the WIP - in Skacel "Alpaca Seta", color Off-White:

14 February 2005

Gifting mittens

Another pair - these are done in Noro Kujaki #18. Since they haven't been gifted to the recipient yet, details are omitted...

11 February 2005

It's a bird! It's a plane!

It's a fish?


Actually - I've been invited to a cast-signing party. As in, a hard cast on a broken ankle. The party is tomorrow afternoon - the 12th. I found out about it on Thursday, the 10th. That left me with a whole 48 hrs to come up with an idea... and execute. What did I decide on? A cast-cosy. :-) Hey, gotta keep those tootsies warm somehow. May as well be stylish - in Grignasco "Jazz Print" 100% merino wool. And, I learned how to do i-cord!

(Note the stylin' TSF/KWB project bag!)

2 February 2005

Gimme gimme gimme

What can make two dogs look like this?

Well, that would be fun moose rawhides I found on sale at PetsMart:

They cracked me up. But of course, this gives me that look:

That would be my Silk Garden from WNW Discounters; my Karabella Gossamer from One Fine Yarn, and my Knitters Without Borders bag and t-shirt from CafePress. Woo hoo!