31 December 2005

If the shoe... er, hat... fits...

On Boxing Day, a bunch of the STiLlDeads (St. Louis Dead Runners (Society) members) got together for a short run and brunch.

I showed everyone Mike Biondo's ear-flap hat, and this is what happened to it:

Well, it did match Pam's coat. :-) So I rummaged through the stash. Lo and behold, I had some navy bulky-weight acrylic, so here is Ear-Flap Hat #3. THIS will go direct to Mike!

I can't resist including a shot of what Santa really does on Christmas Eve ...

24 December 2005

Obsessed with Hats

Another FO! Actually, two. I made an ear-flap hat from a Cabin Fever pattern according to instructions, but it turned out a bit snug. My usual talent of knitting to gauge didn't work this time. So I went from #10s to #11s with success. It would be interesting to see what the #10.5 needles would have done. These are in a combination of Plymouth Encore Chunky (which I like working with), and two colors of Lion Brand Jiffy (which I've decided I hate). The second blue hat was started this morning and finished this afternoon. I'm back on schedule!

22 December 2005

Give me a break; I've been busy!

Holy Holly Berries, Batman! It's almost the end of the month, and this is my first blog entry. I've even paid property taxes already!

Yeah, well... I've been doing a basketful of holiday knitting, and up until now there just wasn't all that much to post... or I'd give away all the surprises.

First off, hopefully having arrived in Florida already, is my dad's version of Cathy's Seaman's Scarf (a Mountain Colors pattern), crafted from 4+ balls of Classic Elite Inca Alpaca in color 1124. (That's a deep blue with bits of teal-colored fibre here and there.) It turned out gorgeous, as you so can't tell from my crappy photos. Well, this is it - I can't afford to fly to Fort Myers to take more.

Yeppers... that's one long, manly scarf. Should serve dad well in that 68F cold wave they're having down there. (Ha, ha.)

And... what's this blocking on a bowl? None other than MarkO's hemp-yarn kippah. Done in time for Hannukah! Who woulda thunk.

I really can't say enough about the hemp yarn... other than it was a collossal pain to work with. But, assuming it blocks well, it will have been worth it. Plus there's PLENTY left over to experiment with... given this was my first religious knitting experience, I suspect there's room for improvement.

Going back a month, I got a better shot of the Noro Silk Garden Gauntlets:

You can see a bit more of the vine-pattern detail here. I'm getting a lot of use out of them at work.

So... it's December 22, and I'm off work until January 3, 2006... lots and lots and LOTS of time for knitting and blogging! Maybe I can make a small dent in the to-do list. Yippee!