23 August 2005

Goal Accomplished!

Why I've been a no-show most of the month... I've been stressing over completing this:

Yep - that's the finisher medal and jacket from the Pikes Peak Marathon. The 50th anniversary edition, even. It was a tough run, and I only met goal #1 (finishing)... but a finish is a finish. :-)

In knitting news, I'm still working on several projects... photos to come soon now that I'm partly recovered from the Colorado Adventure.

5 August 2005

All About Me Week

So I've started a second pair of socklets. I didn't like the way the edges of the toe-holes rolled, so I'm trying two rounds of K1,P1 rib before binding off in the rib pattern. The first sock is done and it worked beautifully. No FO photo yet, but here's the sock in class last week, when it was learning all about sock leadership skills:

I've also started the Colinette Perugino throw. It's MINE, I tell you - ALL MINE! And turning out pretty damn cool so far:

Part Two of All About Me - I got in a new pair of Asics shoes to try. I've been running in Adidas Supernova Classics for, oh, eons, now... and still haven't found a suitable backup shoe. Couldn't pass up a recommendation for the Asics Gel Kayanos, though. AND they're in purple. AND I had a coupon. :-)

Lastly - a token beautiful-dog shot of Kaje and Grover, edited in Photoshop just for grins: