20 April 2005

Everywhere, Birds

It's not enought that we have a cage-full of finches (society, zebra and silverbill). Somehow, the birds are drawn to this place. The robins that nested in our pink dogwood tree are back. And a pair of cardinals have started a nest in the ficus tree that Paul just recent dragged outside for the summer. And, a pair of mourning doves are nesting in the cedar planter box containing my 40th-birthday miniature rose...

That's her, in the front left corner. (Click to enlarge.)

So far, we've managed not to spook them while they're nesting. Another week and we may have chicks in there.

Meanwhile, I've started on the Bistro Shirt. Grover makes himself comfortable on the couch and supervises.

10 April 2005

Sometimes you need a do-over

It was just a scarf - a simple scarf for Paul. But I just was never happy with it. (See Dec. 29, 2004 blog entry.) So, I'm starting over. Using a pattern from Stitch and Bitch Nation ("Warm Fuzzies"), and Plymouth Baby Alpaca Brush, I'm doing a faux-cable scarf instead:

The other scarf will be bound off and donated to the Dulaan Project.

The weeping cherry is now blooming. Here's a really crappy shot - it was windy the last few times I've tried to take a photo, so I'm giving up. This is it. I also planted a flat of alyssum and pansies around it yesterday. Imagine my surprise when I went to pull a pansy out of the six-pack, and there was a little silver-gray frog. It had ridden all the way home in the back of my car, in the flat of flowers. Hope he likes his new home in the ivy under the white lilac bush...

And - just for grins - it's Kaje in the Clapotis:

5 April 2005

C'est finis!

It's DONE! Voila - la Clapotis. Knit from 5 skeins Skacel's Alpaca Seta in Natural Ivory, on #8 circulars. This was a nice project - I may just do another some day.

3 April 2005


Who thought up this 'daylight savings time', anyway? Now it'll be dark again - for a while, anyway - when I get up at 5 a.m. to run or work out. And, for a while, 5 a.m. is going to feel like 4 a.m. Ouch.

So this morning I slept in. When I got up, I decided that I REALLY wanted to get the japanese grass that was in front of the house dug up, so I could put in a contorted filbert tree. Eventually. Long story short, we got a tree, but a pink weeping cherry, and the whole project was completed today. Paul and I are sore and tired, but the new tree should actually bloom in the next week. Yay! I've always wanted one of these. I'm dedicating it to the dogs - they were all adopted around the first week of April, so it's their Adoption Tree.

Yeah, I said Clapotis would be done by now. I'm SO close. Maybe tonight...


1 April 2005

Fool me once, shame on you...

Food day at work. End of '05 fiscal, start of '06. Wear-jeans-to-work-day. April Fool's Day.

*Well.* This was cause for something unusual. Remembering a recipe that a co-worker sent me, I made Twinkie Sushi. I decided not to go the extra step and bring real wasabi, though. :-)