Finishing the prep-work.

Before you can start to lay strips, you have to laminate the inside and outside stems. The lamination can be done with wood glue, so Fun With Epoxy adventures don't need to start quite yet.

First, the inside stem (darker wood) is done, then the outside. I chose the light cedar as my outside stems. (Click any photo to enlarge in a new window.)

I decided to do the stems before attaching the end forms to the risers. But in the meantime, all the other forms (2 through 14) were attached. Once the stems were done, I attached the inside stems to the end forms with screws, and planed down the stem to align with forms 1 and 15. When this was done, the end forms were added to the strongback.

Finally - the edges of all the forms were covered with masking tape (so no strips accidentally get glued to the forms), and one final alignment/adjustment session is done.

Next - stripping!