Getting ready to build a boat.

Progress as of 15 January 2007

When building a cedar strip kayak, you build around a frame supported by a strongback. The strongback is essentially a long (16', in my case), square structure that supports the forms. After much measuring, aligning, more measuring, attaching, leveling, measuring, attaching, and more leveling, you have the basis for building a boat.

First, you need a workspace. (Click all images to enlarge in a new window.)

Here, I already have the strongback attached to a pair of wooden sawhorses that Paul made, and am working on attaching the riser blocks.

Attaching screws to blocks, and the strongback with all the blocks in place, ready to be attached:

Once the blocks are attached and you triple-check the alignment, you attach a riser to each block. These risers will then support the forms.

Since I wasn't going to be working on the boat for up to six to eight weeks, I decided to let the whole thing "settle". It'll be easier to recheck the level and alignment before attaching the forms. And once I'm ready again... it'll be forms-and-stems time!