Stripping the hull

March 14 - added two strips to each side, joining the sheer strips.

March 18 - I'm up to eight strips per side. I had hoped to do more this weekend, but (a) the stupid foot is too sore to stand on at times, and (b) I'm adding one strip per side, then letting it completely dry before adding another.

March 22 - I'm up to thirteen strips per side. Should get interesting really soon, as I'm just about at the end of the inside bow stem.

March 28 - Half the bottom is stripped. Now comes the first nail-biter part: I have to CUT a straight line down the center of the bottom of the boat, against which I'll fit the trips for the other side. (Don't worry - that dark strip on the first shot is just a shadow.)

March 28, later - well, it's done! It's not perfectly straight (though with the blurry photo, it's hard to tell... my arms were tired from all the sawing, planing and filing), but I can do fine-tuning as I start to fit the rest of the strips. Not today, though... that was enough.

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