Zev's TPLO Surgery photo diary

TPLO stands for "tibial plateau leveling osteotomy." It's used to
realign the top of the tibia to make the knee (stifle) joint more
stable, and take the strain off the damaged cruciate ligaments.

In the process, the surgeon breaks the tibia, rotates the top,
and puts it all back together with metal plates and screws.
Healing time is 8-16 weeks.

Zev was supposed to have her leg bandaged, but threw a fit
at the vet's office and came home without one. Unwrapped
incisions tend to heal faster, but we have to be much
more careful about infection.

Zev's TPLO surgery site - day 1

Zev on 8/1/2003 - approximately 24 hours after surgery.

Zev on day 2 (Sat. 8/2/2003) - bruised, but doing better.

Surgery site close-up on day 2.

Zev Day 3: wearing her stylish leg wrap, the sleeve
off an old long-sleeve race t-shirt.

Day 4 (Monday 8/4) - feeling better and allowed
outside, but only to sit still.

Paul and Zev, surveying the neighborhood on Day 4.

Zev's leg on day 5 - healing very well!

Day 8 - Zev's new crate, which she actually likes...
Here, she's sleeping in it by choice.

Day 11 - Stitches are out and hair is growing back,
but we're still not allowed to play!

Day 13 - The ramp Paul built for Zev!
Grover likes it, too.