Entry 1: Friday, Nov. 14
Woke the people up at 4 this morning. No real reason. Zev helped.
The people say I get a bath tomorrow. I just got rid of the flowery smell from last time.
Tore the stuffing out of another Booda-bone. Zev helped.

Entry 2: Sunday, Nov. 16
Got the dreaded bath. Smell weird again. Once I get outside, I'll roll on some dead worms.
Had gas today. Felt great to fart, but every time I did, the people would jump up and run around. I guess they were excited for me.
Entry 3: Thursday, Dec. 11
It's kind of strange here. The people took Zev somewhere this morning, but she's not back yet.
Got to go for a drive tonight. There were lots of colored blinking lights. I whined a little, but the people wouldn't let me go pee on them.
Entry 4: Friday, Dec. 12
Zev is back! But she smells like the vet office. Her leg is shaved and there's a boo-boo on it. I think this is like last time when she wasn't allowed to play with me for a long time. I'm depressed.
Entry 5: Saturday, Dec. 13
There is snow! We got to go outside. I played with the man's glove. Zev got to go out too, but had to sit on a pillow.
Entry 6: Tuesday, March 16
Zev got to run again! It was very exciting. Mom took us both out in the morning. It was dark. Too dark for squirrels or bunnies, but it was still fun.
Entry 7: Saturday, March 27
We went to a strange place today. Mom said it was the city pound. Apparently they have a lot of dogs there that don't have homes. We were going to meet one, but she wasn't there any more.
Entry 8: Monday, March 29
We went to see the little dog! Mom found out where she was, and at night, we went for a drive. Zev liked her a lot. I didn't quite know what to think since she was small and jumped around a lot. She's cute, but I might hurt her if we play too rough. She looks very happy though - if she doesn't come to stay with us, I think she'll get a good home. This is the sad city-pound picture of her: