Happy Holidays!

Well, as Paul said, it's been quite a while since we've done any sort of letter. I guess we've done more than just work, so here are a few highlights from the past two years...

- Labor Day weekend, 2001, I flew to Michigan when I got a call that my dad was heading into surgery for a liver transplant. After a long illness, this was great news. Labor Day weekend, 2002, I flew up to Michigan to celebrate Dad's one-year transplant anniversary. So far, he's doing great, and we are all very thankful. I also got to go home to Michigan in February with all my sisters for my Mom's 60th birthday. I also got to spend last Christmas in Florida at the condo, and am looking forward to going down in Feb. 2003 for a long weekend.

- In August 2001, I bought a house and in late September 2001, we moved in. Renting was okay, but as Paul mentioned, we needed a more "Grover-proof" yard... which involved having a 6-foot fence installed. He can still get over it, but since we've worked out his separation-anxiety issues (never leave him alone outside for more than 15-20 minutes), he's doing well. Zev doesn't much mind the outdoors... in fact, she loves watching the Koi in the pond.

- Running the Pikes Peak marathon in Aug. 2001 really took a lot of effort... and my running tapered off quite a bit. So, I've been happily setting PWs (personal worsts) this year, but still running marathons... including the Berryman Trail Marathon again (May), the inaugural Lewis & Clark Marathon in St. Charles, MO (Sept.), the inaugural Mount Desert Island Marathon (Oct.), and the Quivering Quads 50K for the third time (Nov.). Maine was absolutely gorgeous (click here for the full report) and we plan to go back next October for the second running.

- I did a lot of traveling for work... mostly to Seattle for meetings at Microsoft (my main client), but I also got to go to New Orleans in July to check out the "on-site" for one of their largest events. My employer, Maritz Travel Company, coordinates a lot of incentive and business travel needs for large and small companies. Since I architect the event registration web sites for Microsoft (plus other companies like UBS PaineWebber, CNA Insurance, Penn Mutual Life, and Wells Fargo, among others), occasionally I get to go and see what all the fuss is about at the actual event.

Otherwise, I have enjoyed spending my time with Paul and our dogs; playing with the cats and hoping they have a few more good years yet (15+ and still in great health!); working on the house; running with all my friends here in St. Louis; and trying to squeeze in a few good books here and there.

I wish you all happiness and health for 2003!



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